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What We Do

GoCorps works to make two years of global missional service a normalized, accessible next step to Christian students and young professionals of all majors and backgrounds.  We place motivated recent grads to use their degree alongside long-term projects sharing the hope of Christ and addressing physical needs, healing and opportunity

3.14 billion people are "unreached" by the gospel

65% of the world live in religiously restricted areas

1.45 billion people in the world live in poverty

The Opportunity

God is already at work. And we see new ways to join him.

Skill-Based Placements

Traditional missionaries with Bible degrees often have difficulty acquiring visas in regions with the least access to the gospel. A more strategic method is placing people with practical skills and applied degrees–in medicine, engineering, business, job creation, IT, education, social work, and more–to serve in gospel roles.

Two-Year Placements

We believe in the strategy of two-year placements. We consider it the sweet spot for most grads, between the open-ended commitment of long-term service and the limited influence of short-term trips. Two years is long enough to meaningfully engage in a culture and become conversational in the local language, both key factors to making significant contributions to long-term projects.

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Our History and Impact

GoCorps sent our first class of Goers in 2010. Since then, more than 300 Goers have been placed in over 44 countries, each utilizing their unique background, training and passions alongside 50 long-term mission teams.  Our Goers have served with over 20 different partnering organizations, have shared the gospel through thousands of spiritual conversations with friends and neighbors, and daily help advance dozens of long-term projects. 


Our Goers



Culinary Arts grad, Gastronomy Ministry, Mexico


Nursing grad, Community Health Worker, Philippines


Business grad, Small Business Facilitator, Malawi


Sociology grad, Muslim Movement Catalyst, Central Asia

Our Alumni

During their time overseas, our Goers receive work experience that sets them apart in the global marketplace. They make a real impact spiritually and physically in the local community where they serve. And after their two years, our alumni possess a clearer understanding of their calling and vocation, and are equipped and inspired to live missionally wherever their journey takes them.  Goer alumni are in all areas of the marketplace, both in the US and globally!


See what others are saying about GoCorps.


Nursing Major
Medical Track, Philippines

Personally, the last two years serving with GoCorps have been transformational. My love for Jesus and passion for the gospel have been ignited even more, and taking part in growing the Kingdom of God by loving people of a different culture has been the greatest gift.


Petroleum Engineering Major
Business Track, Bulgaria

I initially discovered GoCorps at a winter missions conference. I had recently graduated from UT Austin in Petroleum Engineering but was considering various options for what was next post graduation. GoCorps fit the need of combining my interest in sports/business with missions. 


German Language, Literature, and Culture Major
Youth Development Track, Austria

GoCorps is unique in the way that it streamlines the ministry application process: instead of choosing a mission organization and seeing how it fits you, you begin with your skills/strengths and discover where you can help fill a pre-existing need.


Criminal Justice Major
Sports Track, Middle East

I entered the mission field as a young man with big ideas and little (no) experience. GoCorps came alongside and paired me with a long-term missionary, and the two years that followed tested and tried me in ways that I never expected.

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