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About GoCorps

Our Work

GoCorps is a mobilization and placement agency centered around the Tithe Your Career movement.  We help Christian young adults tithe their time and talents by using their degree in two-year global placements serving with long-term missions teams and projects.

GoCorps serves as the connector, coach and catalyst in the process.  As a partnership of 15 missions organizations, GoCorps handpicks the best teams and placements that are a fit for discipling and mentoring recent grads of all backgrounds. We streamline the whole process by creating a universal application and removing common barriers for young adults. 

3.14 billion people are "unreached" by the gospel

65% of the world live in religiously restricted areas

1.45 billion people in the world live in poverty

Our Approach

A New Kind of Missionary

We travel to campuses and conferences nationwide, do digital outreach, and offer phone and video coaching—all to help more young people see themselves as part of a new kind of missionary. Our niche is often connecting with students who never before considered global missions relevant or possible for them.

Remove Barriers

In the face of financial and logistical barriers, GoCorps offers strategic solutions. We walk Goers through a fundraising process that usually results in full funding within 12 weeks. We offer $5,000 in student debt assistance upon completion of service. And our streamlined process takes Goers from application to tarmac in just six months, whereas most organizations take 18–24.

Tailored Mentorship

This generation is motivated by both purpose and a desire to advance their careers through practical development. We help them grow spiritually and professionally through placements that leverage their degrees as well as tailored mentorship from GoCorps staff and the leaders Goers serve alongside. 

Mission and Values

The world needs a new kind of missionary and 20-somethings are uniquely positioned to answer the call. GoCorps exists to invite students and young adults today to tithe their career through serving in a two-year global placement addressing urgent physical and spiritual needs. Through removing barriers, streamlining the process and our own DEI work, we are committed to making joining God's global work an accessible and attractive option for students and young adults of all majors and backgrounds.

What People Are Saying About GoCorps

In the past three years, the organization I serve has seen nearly a dozen Goers become part of three of our teams helping the least reached follow Jesus.  At every step, GoCorps has provided excellent resources to enable effective care and support for each of the young people who were sent out to serve as cross-cultural witnesses of God's love and work of salvation.  GoCorps does an excellent job of helping both the workers and the team with whom they will be working with plan for and follow through with the plans towards thriving in the challenge of being globally engaged world Christians.  If your son or daughter is considering joining what God is doing to reach the nations for Christ, then know that GoCorps has a multi-year track record of being both missional and mentoring.

Committing to mid-term service opened my eyes to a greater vision for my life and where God was truly leading me. Now, I can move forward in my career in confidence, knowing that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. I challenge you to consider, ‘what do I really have to lose by going?’ The reality is, you have so much more to lose by not going. You will miss out on God doing amazing things, not only through you, but in your own life.

My wife and I have been so encouraged to see a program such as GoCorps that enables recent college graduates to connect with international missions in a meaningful way immediately after graduation. There are so many obstacles that can prevent young people from engaging in helping a hurting world and sharing the hope of Jesus, but GoCorps has found a way to address many of these barriers. Experiences such as these can be so powerful in forming a Godly and global worldview and finding what God has in mind for the future. Thanks so much for the part you have played in Jonathan’s life!

For Parents

GoCorps recognizes that a big part of considering serving cross-culturally is parental support.  We've created a page specifically for parents with a list of frequently asked questions and a special video from our Director and alumni.  


Not sure where to start?  We've compiled a list of helpful resources to help you explore if tithing your career is a good next step for you.  You can read our most popular articles, watch on-demand webinars, take our quiz, and much more.  

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