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Jake & Amber

Goers, Class of 2018

We were deeply involved with Campus Outreach during our undergraduate studies. Through CO we learned the value that believing community has in helping us to discern God's will. We also developed a passion for discipleship, learned about God's heart for all peoples of the earth, and we grew in a conviction that there are MANY ways to be involved in God's global purpose. GoCorps helped us find our place in God's global work while continuing to grow in and embrace those values. They got to know us before helping us find a team that was a good fit; they invested in us as we prepared to launch out; and they connected us with an organization using creative strategies to do discipleship among the unreached. We are so thankful to GoCorps and recommend that anyone considering overseas work connect with them.


Goer, Class of 2016

English Teacher in the Czech Republic

GoCorps was a great way to see all of the options of ministries and organizations out there all in one place. They were an organization that really helped me get back on my feet after university and futile job searches.


Goer, Class of 2016

Community Health Worker in Southeast Asia

Personally, the last two years serving with GoCorps have been transformational. My love for Jesus and passion for the gospel have been ignited even more, and taking part in growing the Kingdom of God by loving people of a different culture has been the greatest gift. God is writing a magnificent story for his creation, and the role of watching Him do it in lives around the world is a treasure. Take the risk, breathe Him in, and let Him work through your ever-opening hands. Go for it!


Goer, Class of 2017

Refugee Ministry work in the Middle East

The Support Raising Model is incredibly helpful. Although it may seem so unnatural to call and email people so much, it's not. There is so much biblical truth in fundraising as GoCorps shares with you. By fundraising, you are calling the Church to their potential - you are allowing the Church to be the Church! The Model helps you discipline yourself in some of the uncomfortable moments of fundraising. It can be really hard, but the Model helps you to keep you on track. And although timelines look different, you WILL get the money with this model. You just have to commit to it.


Goer Alum, Class of 2011
Anti Human Trafficking worker in Cambodia

In college, you think you know what your passions and skill sets are. But my role with GoCorps let me see what my passions and skills really were, as well as which ones I wanted to strengthen and sharpen. Serving helped me to specifically identify the areas I need more training. It was really important that I did not go to grad school right after college. At that stage, it was all too theoretical. My two years with GoCorps completely transformed the training in grad school. Now, my studies are so much more enriched because I have real faces and real stories that can flesh out the theory.


Goer Alum, Class of 2012

Refugee Outreach in the Middle East

One of the biggest takeaways from my service overseas was a deeper sense of surrender to God for the remainder of my life, in addition to an excitement for pursuing the building of the Kingdom above all other pursuits. I grew up with the expectation from my family and society that I would pursue the American dream, without deviating from that path. This two year deviation has served to reveal how joyless that path is, and revealed the joy of a life focused on serving the Lord. In addition, on a very practical level, I grew skills like organization, effective communication, innovation, quick thinking, and problem solving through my experience. I had to navigate difficult situations that many people in my industry never will, giving me an edge over my peers.


Goer Alum, Class of 2012

Living Among Urban Poor in Southeast Asia

I went into my two years open to wherever God leads. I didn’t have plans for after the two years and that openness allowed me to fall in love with Thailand, the people, and the work. By the time my service was complete, I knew I didn’t want to leave and I knew that this is what God had made me to do.

Jonno S.


When our daughter Alyssa presented us with the idea of her serving in a foreign country for two years, for me, not once did fear of her endangerment or concern of her spiritual stability come into play.  Of course, as parents, my wife and I had our concerns for our eldest of four daughters; where is she going to live, what and how will she eat, how will she get around, who will her friends be, etc. were all questions any parent would be expected to ask.  

In essence, our main question remained this: Is she doing what God wants the way He wants her to do it?  The answer was, “Yes.”  

Nearing the completion of her two-years assignment, I had the opportunity to travel to Southeast Asia, along with my sister and youngest daughter (13yrs at the time).  We experienced a fraction of what she experienced: how she lived, what she ate, her circle of friends, the group of missionaries who resided there or nearby, and environment surrounding.  

Alyssa had amazing friends, ate amazing food, and resided with amazing people.  All of this was attributed to the Amazing God whom we serve.  As she transitions from being a “go-er” into being a “sender”, I know the same Amazing God moves ahead of her to provide everything necessary for her to complete this stage of her assignment. That same God can open amazing doors for others, and Alyssa has the opportunity to be an active participant in the process.     

Mark W.

Sending Organization

In the past three years, the organization I serve has seen nearly a dozen Goers become part of three of our teams helping the least reached follow Jesus.  At every step, GoCorps has provided excellent resources to enable effective care and support for each of the young people who were sent out to serve as cross-cultural witnesses of God's love and work of salvation.  GoCorps does an excellent job of helping both the workers and the team with whom they will be working with plan for and follow through with the plans towards thriving in the challenge of being globally engaged world Christians.  If your son or daughter is considering joining what God is doing to reach the nations for Christ, then know that GoCorps has a multi-year track record of being both missional and mentoring.

Kirk B.

Sending Organization

In our new relationship with GoCorps, we appreciate being in a partnership with several organizations. GoCorps does an excellent job of bringing high standards while focusing on the common goal of making God's name great among the nations. With this focus, we have the opportunity to shape how young adults live their full lives, wherever they may be and whatever they may do after their GoCorps service. 

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