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Since 2009, over 300 recent grads of all majors have served in over 50 nations through GoCorps placements. We call them Goers! Our hope is that these reviews and reflections will inspire you to consider how you might connect your major to God’s mission through a two-year GoCorps placement.



Mechanical Engineering Major
Engineering Track, Southeast Asia

I knew I wanted to go overseas at some point in my life, I just wasn't sure when. GoCorps' challenge to tithe the first fruits of my career & how easy their excellent coaches make the process of finding & choosing a placement made it obvious to me that God was saying "go now." (Jul. 2023)


Kinesiology and Exercise Science Major,
Medical Track, USA

The GoCorps staff are amazing! The coaches are so intentional and organized. Everyone is committed to their mission/vision and find fun and creative ways of making it happen. They have amazing tools and resources that make the support raising process feel less daunting and do an amazing job of taking it one step at a time while being your cheerleaders for the whole process. They are great! :) (Jul. 2023)


Horticulture Major
Agriculture/Environment Track, Southeast Asia

I highly recommend serving in a foreign cultural context for all young adults. Living outside my comfort zone forced me to rely on God. During these times God molded my heart working in me more than I feel through me. This paradigm-shifting, perspective-altering 2 year experience was invaluable in my personal growth professionally and spiritually. (Jul. 2023)



Nursing Major
Medical Track, Bulgaria

A big reason of why I wanted to serve with a ministry for my first two years of work was because I wanted to build the foundation of my working life on biblical principles with people who were like-minded and would point me to Christ, both enlarging and focusing my sights on God. I'd say this experience did just that. I was able to learn and reflect more on my spirit, interactions and tendencies with people, my relationship with Jesus, my trust in God and guidance by the Holy Spirit. All the while gaining experience in professional networking and program development which was new and challenging. These two years were a unique period of growth that I'm really grateful for, and positive it will continue to shape my future growth. (Jun. 2023)


Management Major
Business Track, Zambia

My time with GoCorps was challenging, growing, exciting, and overall life-giving. The one-on-one coaching and meetings were super helpful in expressing fears, anxieties, and the excitement that comes along with thinking about moving overseas. My coach helped find the perfect placement for me because she listened to my passions and skills-set, she asked tough questions about what was holding me back, and she was there with me through all the fundraising fears. GoCorps' Support Raising Model is absolutely incredible. Not only did I grow a greater understanding of the Biblical basis for support-raising, but I was also fully funded in less than 3 months (thanks be to God). I felt completely supported by GoCorps and their staff throughout the process, and I also felt equipped to have support-raising meetings. Being 100% funded by partners was a large fear of mine, but with the help of GoCorps, that fear was lessened. GoCorps was such a great fit for me and I would recommend to anyone thinking about working overseas to consider them. (Apr. 2023)


Biblical Studies Major
Compassion/Justice Track, Middle East

One aspect of the GoCorps process that was helpful for me going overseas was the Support Raising Model. It was helpful to be informed on the topic, trained and be accountable while doing it. The model was a great way of trusting in God to provide while also practically engaging in the work of building a team of supporters for God's work. (Apr. 2023)


Liberal Studies Major
Teaching Track, North Africa

In my experience, GoCorps was incredibly valuable in helping me fundraise and navigating the support process. They spend an immense amount of time training and researching in order to truly guide and encourage the goer towards their goal. I am thankful for the time and investment GoCorps has made in me from the very beginning until the end of my commitment! (Feb. 2023)


Communications Major
Media - Communications Track, Spain

Two years sounds like a daunting amount of time to commit, but its so valuable and the time flies by really fast! I appreciated the support raising models and how I did it in a few months vs. years. Just say yes because you have no idea how God can use you, shape, or grow you in 2 years overseas! (Jul. 2022)


Education Major
Teaching Track, Czech Republic

GoCorps was a great way to see all of the options of ministries and organizations out there all in one place. They were an organization that really helped me get back on my feet after university and futile job searches.  (July 2022)

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