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Betty Mae and Kevin T.


When asked about what our daughter was doing in the Philippines, our short answer is teaching at a school for children from several orphanages or homes. In reality she was following God's call to use the gifts He blessed her with and the skills she learned starting in kindergarten until she graduated from Clarion University.  At school each day she taught classes like Bible and Physical education but more importantly she was a listening ear and loving presence to individual kids who were hurting.  GoCorps equipped Leah to do the fundraising that seemed daunting to us and connected her with a sending organization that met her on the ground when she got to Manila.  After serving for 2 years, Leah chose to return for a third year because she believed God had more to teach her.

Susy G.


Our son decided his senior year of college to go overseas long-term after graduation to share God's love. GoCorps provided him with the information and resources to select an international Christian organization that was a good fit of his talents and skills. GoCorps also provided him with excellent training and tools for raising of support. Overall, it was a wonderful learning and growing experience for our son and the refugees whose lives he touched. GoCorps was the organization to open the door and we are thankful for their support of our son throughout the process.

Jodi E.


My college daughter came home one day and said. “I have a huge heart for Muslim people. I want to bring Jesus to them.” I was a good listener, but then the conversation got hard. She felt called to the Middle East. I prayed for my words to be encouraging. I cried a few times (Few is defined as 100). GoCorps connected her with CRU and 9 months later, she went to the Middle East for a year. She still works for CRU. I love that GoCorps spent time with my daughter, getting to know her and her gifts and connected her with the organization that would match her theological beliefs as well as her spiritual gifts. I couldn’t be happier with the way that it all went. She is in her happy place sitting at the University sharing the Gospel with veiled young Muslim women.

Drew P.

Sending Organization

I appreciate the time and effort and energy that GoCorps has put into building a pathway for recent grads to serve overseas. The focus and intentionality on providing accessible pathways and resources and their work to remove/reduce barriers to pursuing that calling or opportunity is commendable.  The mobilization and coaching staff do an excellent job of learning about the organizations and teams they partner with. They represent the teams and placements knowledgeably and well and strive to accurately represent the opportunities and locations and ministry placements in all their conversation. GoCorps has an incredible heart and desire to engage recent graduates with opportunities that will stretch and challenge them, but that will also be healthy and supportive environments and that will be places to learn and grow and serve in community with active and engaging mentors.

Jordan S.

Sending Organization

I highly recommend GoCorps. Our organization has greatly benefited from quality college grads that have added to all our effective ministry teams we have around the world. They truly seek to understand our ministry mission and vision and make it their goal to add a valuable contribution through those they mobilize.

Dave M.


My wife and I have been so encouraged to see a program such as GoCorps that enables recent college graduates to connect with international missions in a meaningful way immediately after graduation. There are so many obstacles that can prevent young people from engaging in helping a hurting world and sharing the hope of Jesus, but GoCorps has found a way to address many of these barriers. Experiences such as these can be so powerful in forming a Godly and global worldview and finding what God has in mind for the future. Thanks so much for the part you have played in Jonathan’s life!


Goer Alum, Class of 2010

University Outreach in North Africa

Committing to mid-term service opened my eyes to a greater vision for my life and where God was truly leading me. Now, I can move forward in my career in confidence, knowing that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. I challenge you to consider, ‘what do I really have to lose by going?’ The reality is, you have so much more to lose by not going. You will miss out on God doing amazing things, not only through you, but in your own life.


Goer Alum, Class of 2011

Anti-Human Trafficking Worker in Cambodia

My grad school experience is more meaningful. I am more focused. This is not just the next step to my next thing, but I have experienced the world and I now know my calling, so I am more determined and passionate about my courses. GoCorps also made me ready for the workplace because I’ve learned how to thrive in demanding circumstances. When you start to face challenges in the workplace, you are better equipped to handle them.

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