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Youth Development Worker

Dar es Salaam is one of the fastest growing cities in all of Africa with a population of 5.7 million. Young people seeking employment is the main driver of population growth. The city is located on the beautiful coast of the Indian Ocean. Tourists are drawn to the white sand beaches, the history of the Island of Zanibar, to climb Mount Kilamanjaro to the north and to see the exotic animals found on safari in the game parks.

There are over 120 tribal languages spoken but Swahili is the main language spoken throughout Tanzania. The countries religious make-up includes roughly 63% Christianity, 34% Muslim, and 5% practicing other religions. Tanzania is also well known for its belief and practice of witch craft.

Goers in this position would join a dynamic team who have been serving in Tanzania for many years! Our primary teams focus is children and youth ministry. There are two focuses a Youth Development Worker could pursue.

Children’s Ministry Focus:

The first is assisting local churches in starting or strengthening their children’s ministries. We train youth mentors to chronologically narrate the Bible to children.

This position is a good fit for those who have a heart to teach the gospel of Christ to children and youth in Tanzania. You will be involved in telling God’s story to children and training local young people to start children’s ministries using narrations in their own congregations.

Those who hold a degree in teaching, education, Biblical studies are welcome however this position is not only for degree holders but for those who truly love children and desire for them to be reached to Christ. This ministry is directed to assisting church growth in already established churches here in Dar es Salaam but in the future to all of Tanzania.

Immigrant Youth Focus:

South Asians have lived along the east coast of Africa for several generations, calling Tanzania their home. Over the last several decades, there has also been a large number of South Asian expatriates living in East Africa. Most of the South Asians live in and/or near the city center. They have kept their culture and most of them are either Muslims or Hindus. They are open to talking about God and having conversations about different religions.

For more than ten years different staff have worked among these very unreached peoples to share the gospel. Parents want their children to grow up to have good jobs and to earn a lot of money. They realize that English is a way forward, so they are eager to engage their kids in a variety of programs, even if it means for them to learn about what the Bible teaches. Over the last few years, the team here has reduced and are not able to meet all the opportunities.

There are a variety of ways that someone can be involved with to build relationships and share the love of God. This team will spend a lot of time building relationships, which will give them credibility in the communities and opportunities to go deeper. They will also be involved in a variety of camps, such as English Camps, Kids camps and overnight youth camps. There will also be opportunities to be involve in weekly clubs where part of the activities is hearing narrations from God’s Word. Schools are also looking for ongoing help with teaching English, teacher development, student leadership trainings, communication skills, arts, drama, sciences, math and STEM.


Degree in Education or teaching

Bible Degree

Missions amongst children and youth

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Story telling

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