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Urban Educator

Located in the 10/40 window, Bangkok itself is an unreached metropolis with only 1% Evangelical Christians. It is strategic not only because of its influence on Thailand, but also on all of Asia. God has brought many unreached people groups from surrounding countries to Thailand for work or sanctuary. Normally difficult to reach due to political and geographical barriers, they are now in a land of religious freedom where they can hear the Gospel. The Thai church is currently in an exciting time of growth, yet they are still an extremely small minority. As the local church mobilizes outward into the ripe fields nearby, Goers can encourage and empower their work.

This opportunity has two possible ministry locations. The first is working with students from marginalized people groups, ranging in age from 3-20 years-old. Because their parents are mostly migrant workers, the students are unable to attend regular school. This Goer must be able to create fun and engaging lesson in a variety of subjects, work with local leadership, and teach outdoors for extended periods of time. Past teaching experience and credentials are preferred but not required.

The second opportunity is with a church-planting network that uses English schools as its primary form of outreach. This Goer would be working with teens and adults, helping to teach English as well as doing outreach with the local church.

In addition, Goers can also help “break the ground” in unengaged areas through prayer and building relationships. Goers will have the opportunity to travel up to four times a year to neighboring countries and other parts of Thailand for prayer and vision trips. The team prioritizes areas that are unengaged and unreached with the Gospel. We’re in need of self-starters willing to cross these challenging barriers of language, geography, and economic conditions to develop pathways for building relationships with people who have never heard the gospel.


•Relational – willing to build relationships with locals, our team, and our partner churches

•Flexible - Schedules and plans change frequently and sometimes drastically. The ability to keep moving forward in the midst of change is a critical trait.

•Self-starter — finding or making opportunities for relationships, language learning, etc.

•Self-motivated — persevering and diligent in ministry tasks, studying language, etc.

•Adventurous — willing to test and be tested by the unfamiliar

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