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Touring Creative Artists

Our country is beautiful, with a rich Christian history, despite being 99% Muslim. The secular government means that there is freedom of religion and churches can operate, but the Muslim demographic can occasionally mean some opposition. People are very open! Insecurity from the pandemic has created a spiritual hunger. Our team is based in the largest city in the country which has approximately 18 million people.

Our team is known for its boldness in doing creative arts on the streets, offering the good news of the Gospel in an attractive and engaging format. We partner with local churches to see people we meet through performances followed up, and there are several churches in the country that were planted by gathering our connections into an initial small group! We believe in being culturally sensitive and are committed to learning the local language as much as possible. We are passionate about reaching Muslims in general and partner not only with ministries in our country but other countries who want to reach the Muslims there.

Goers in this position will use their artistic skills to perform in various avenues, from small street performances to large events! Come share the gospel through music, theatre, dance, mime, visual arts, martial arts, unicycling, clowning, illusion, and even yo-yo tricks! We are open and embrace creativity and excellence through whichever medium will see Muslims attracted to Christ.

As a team, we are frequently on the road and future team members should enjoy traveling and meeting new people. We are also a team known for incorporating the various skills of its team members into new and different forms - it’s why our logo is a kaleidoscope! Whatever God has given you, He can use!



Proficiency in an art form

Willingness to work in a team

Skills are relative to their art form. Individuals should be proficient in their art form and be comfortable performing. While not everyone is comfortable with speaking in front of large crowds, we train each team member in how to give their testimony, tell a story, or present the gospel in public.

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