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Mali is a huge, landlocked country in West Africa. For decades it used to be an example of the peaceful coexistence of many different ethnic groups. The majority religion is Islam, but the country as such is a secular state granting freedom to Christian and Animist minorities. This also means that there aren't any restrictions imposed by the government when it comes to the expression of faith. 

More recently the political situation has become less stable, as internal and external factors led to tensions and even violent unrest in the northeast. But because of the size of the country, there remain great opportunities to live and work in certain areas. Kayes is, beside the capital Bamako, one of the larger cities in the country. It is situated in the northwest on the Senegal River, close to the borders of Senegal and Mauretania. One of the country's lifelines runs through it, the road that connects Bamako to the seaport in Dakar, Senegal. Kayes is full of vibrant African life. The climate is arid, the landscape is flat for the most part. There are many baobab trees and they with their characteristic branching give it a special, austere beauty even in the dry season. About three months of the year everything changes, the rainy season makes everything turn beautifully green.

Our team seeks to reach across to the unreached. In our area, the translation of the Bible into the language of one of the neglected people groups is making good progress. But the challenge of getting the word into the lives and hearts of the people with the aim of making disciples remains, and this has been our emphasis more recently. Through the sharing life, working together in different projects and above all through one-to-one Bible studies, a small group of followers has started to meet regularly. Through project work, many are receiving help with affordable and sustainable housing. In the facilities of a small book room/library a local teacher runs literacy classes. English evening classes are waiting to be relaunched there.

Goers will get the chance to be immersed into one of the local languages. After an introduction into the GPA approach, they will be able to continue using this throughout their placement. Learning English is in great demand in Kayes. Early in 2023, we expect to reopen an English school. Another area of great need is tutoring lessons, a great opportunity to make a real impact in the life of young people.


Not absolutely essential but helpful would be:
Some basic French
Some qualification in Teaching English
Any experience in teaching English and tutoring (esp. in French)

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