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Team Administrator and Tour Planner

Our country is beautiful, and despite being 99% Muslim it has a rich Christian history. The secular government means that there is freedom of religion and churches can operate, but the Muslim demographic can occasionally mean some opposition. People are very open! Insecurity from the pandemic has created a spiritual hunger. Our team is based in the largest city in the country which has approximately 18 million people.

Our team is known for its boldness in doing creative arts on the streets, offering the good news of the Gospel in an attractive and engaging format. We partner with local churches to see people we meet through performances followed up, and there are several churches in the country that were planted by gathering our connections into an initial small group! We believe in being culturally sensitive and are committed to learning the local language as much as possible. We are passionate about reaching Muslims in general and partner not only with ministries in our country but other countries that want to reach Muslims there.

As you can imagine, a team of creative artists is much more into creativity than organization! Doing eight tours a year in six different countries requires a huge amount of planning and communication. We have so many team projects that are on hold for lack of an effective administrator.

As a team, we are frequently on the road - the right person is welcome to come along and keep us organized or stay home and keep the rest of the organization ticking along! There are many different skills an administrator could bring to the table and we would tailor the position to YOUR individual skills.


Good communication and organizational skills are a must. Delegation skills - in such a way that makes people feel helped and empowered rather than nagged - are also important! Beyond that, other things like accounting skills or being good with IT would be frosting on the cake!

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