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Teaching Assistant at Samarkand International University of Technology

Come help us launch a brand-new, American-model technological university at the Central Asian crossroads of the ancient Silk Roads. Teach or tutor students in English in your specialty in the core curriculum of the university. Learn one of the other two primary languages besides English, either Uzbek or Russian, to broaden your social mobility and relational influence. Live out and share your faith in the midst of local and international students from unreached peoples across Central Asia. Embed yourself as an ambassador for the Kingdom of God and an apprentice of Jesus Christ along with us. You’ll be blessed as a peacemaker bringing reconciliation and restoration to those who don’t yet know Him!

You will join our team of highly educated professionals with combined decades of experience in academia, education and development work in Central Asia. You’ll be guided and mentored in disciplemaking in a predominantly Muslim context, with a focus on justice and righteousness applied in emerging nations.

This opportunity provides a blend of you offering quality academic training in your field, while receiving serious mentoring and training biblically and cross-culturally for a life of holistic, Kingdom-building service among the unreached. You’ll be guided in your personal and spiritual contribution, as well as developing professional contribution, growing in your knowledge, skills and character as part of our seasoned team who’ve made this region home for many years.


Bachelor’s degree or higher – engineering, another STEM subject, education, TESOL or related field

Flexibility, adaptability, teachability, and humility

A team mentality, relationship orientation, and a noble-hearted calling to serve

Teaching experience preferred (TA, classroom teaching), especially if not yet holding a master’s degree

Agree to 50% engagement in teaching/tutoring role, 50% engagement in language & culture study and other organizational assignments

An intention to impart knowledge of your field to preparatory and university students

A strong commitment to integrated, holistic outreach as an emerging professional, as demonstrated by excellent performance in previous academic endeavors

A willingness to invest significant effort in learning either Uzbek or Russian

A motivation to initiate and build redemptive relationships with university students from across Central Asia

Experience in 1 on 1 and/or small group settings is desirable but not required

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