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Social Services Researcher

Ecuador, though geographically small, is an incredibly diverse country. Ecuador has four distinct regions: the Pacific Ocean coast, the Andes mountains, the Amazon jungle, and the Galapagos Islands. The official language of Ecuador is Spanish. Our ministry is located in the capital city, Quito.

We have a multicultural, multidisciplinary team that works together to provide services & care for women & their kids coming out of vulnerable situations such as human trafficking, prostitution and domestic violence. We seek to first build relationships of trust, where women can experience God’s love and discover their identity in him. Next we equip and empower these women through holistic support services in the areas of physical health, emotional healing, healthy relationships skills, academic support, professional development and spiritual restoration. Long term, our vision is that these women would no longer be vulnerable because they are integrated into a safe, healthy and sustainable community.

If your background is in social services, your job would be to conduct research studies that inform and evaluate the services that we provide to women. You would conduct your own research as well as read and provide literature reviews of others research. If your background is in business, you would do market research to help the ministry and specific women to start their own businesses.


Competence in conducting research studies, either social science studies or market research for business.

Send completed research study to be read before approval.

Understand the importance of evidence based care or understand the importance of market research in business.

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