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Social Business Assistant

Santiago is located in the region of Galicia, the home of a distinct people, language, and geography that come together to create a unique culture. Santiago is the seat of the regional government, the home to an influential university, and a significant incubator of arts and culture. For centuries, Santiago has been the destination of people walking the Camino de Santiago searching for answers, connection, and hope. Our work is Integrated Community Transformation in the heart of Santiago. We long to experience the Kingdom of God in our everyday lives, on earth as it is in heaven. We do this by joining others in their work and investing in what God has already created them to do so they can share it with others. Engage in community development alongside our local non-profit where we seek to love our neighbor through mental, physical, and spiritual means. We are sustainably integrating business with community impact so that the body of Christ can live out the way of Jesus alongside others.

Do you have a passion for social and environmental impact and a commitment to conscious business practices? Use your passion for social business for the common good of society and the glory of God. The Social Business Assistant plays a pivotal role in supporting the implementation and growth of the social economy initiatives that combine business with social and environmental impact. This position involves a blend of administrative tasks, project coordination, and communication, contributing to the overall sustainability of our social economy initiative called APOTHECA.


Administrative Support:

- Assist in preparing and maintaining documentation related to social business initiatives, including contracts, agreements, and reports.

- Maintain organized records of meetings, project updates, and key contacts.

- Support the Supervisor in planning and coordinating various stages of social business projects, from ideation to execution ensuring the seamless execution of social business projects.

- Assist in tracking project timelines, milestones, and deliverables to ensure timely completion.

- Contribute to the preparation of impact assessments and progress reports.

- Assist in gathering, organizing, and analyzing data related to the social and environmental impact of business initiatives.


- Assist in creating and managing content for social business communication channels, including social media, websites, and newsletters.

- Communicate and liaise with internal and external stakeholders, including partners, suppliers, customers, and community members.

- Assist in building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders, addressing inquiries, and gathering feedback.

- Conduct research to identify market trends, potential partners, and opportunities for growth in social business sectors.

- Assist in planning and coordinating events, workshops, and seminars related to social business, ensuring successful execution and participant engagement.

Financial Monitoring:

- Help monitor budgets, expenses, and financial performance of social business projects, reporting discrepancies to the Supervisor.


- Passion for social and environmental impact and commitment to conscious business practices.

- Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Social Sciences, Sustainable Development, or a related field; and/or, previous experience in administrative support, project coordination, or social business.

- Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

- Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and project management tools.

- Ability to collaborate effectively in a cross-functional team environment.

- Analytical mindset and ability to gather, interpret, and present data.

- Knowledge of sustainable business practices and social entrepreneurship concepts.

- Complete B2-level Spanish

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