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Small Business Trainer with Church Planting Team

This team works in a beautiful Middle Eastern country with friendly people, great food, and epic landscapes. The spiritual climate is 0.02% evangelical. People are both open and hostile to Christianity – open in the sense that people are curious about the Bible in private conversation, but they face tremendous pressure from family and society to remain in their religion.

This team works hard through friendships to demonstrate and explain our faith. We also work hard to equip new believers to gather as new, underground churches. We build relationships through many community connections, English language (TESOL) classes, and more. Our prayer is to see the church established in a place where no churches exists. We would like to offer classes and coaching for the basics of how to start a new business (like a hair salon, small grocery store, small restaurant, design a new app, etc.).

Goers with expertise in business are desired to help develop and offer this training. Goers can help this team of residential, long-term missionaries build relationships, run our coffee shop, teach English classes, and even start a new girls soccer ministry. They can also help us with evangelistic approaches (like praying with people in a hospital) that could get our long-termers in trouble, thus generating new relationships for our team and local churches to follow-up. Goers would also join our new-staff training, learning language, culture, and missiological best-practices along with the rest of us.


Goer would need training in business along with some experience working in a new, small business. Goer would need the ability to teach and coach young professionals.

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Middle East
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