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Residence Life Coordinator + Spiritual Formation

Papua is the easternmost province of Indonesia, the fourth-largest nation in the world. Beyond its natural beauty and its richness in natural resources, Papua is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse parts of the world, hosting approximately 275 languages from several language families. Yet, its real treasure is the welcoming and generous people. Despite its natural wealth, Papua has traditionally lacked other critical resources. Basic infrastructure, modern healthcare, and education are woefully absent, leaving many Papuans feeling marginalized.

The vision of our team is to educate servant leaders, a young generation that is not only highly qualified but, more importantly, fully grounded as followers of Christ. Our main program is to prepare students to study abroad. Our vision is that these students will return to Papua afterward and become the new generation of servant leaders in this part of Indonesia, addressing the needs of the area in governance, infrastructure, healthcare, education, the economy, and more. This college preparation program includes English training, academic skills, spiritual formation, and identity building.

The Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) will mentor and work alongside our Residence Assistants (RAs). The RLC will help coordinate programming, directly disciple students, encourage and support RAs, and carry out related ministry opportunities for students and the residence life team. Character development and spiritual formation are a central component of our curriculum. Students attend Bible class, small groups, and other discipleship programming in the classroom and through the residence life program in the dormitories. During their time in the program students live in dormitories.


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