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Psycho-Social Advocate

Central Athens is a diverse section of Greece’s capital city teeming with local Greeks, immigrants, and tourists from all countries and walks of life. As a European city, but geographically located at the crossroads between east and west, it includes a rich cultural history while still taking on a unique character because of its place along migrant routes.

As a team, we work to be bridge-builders, bringing people together to help the oppressed of the city. We seek to develop networks of holistic ministries that encourage life, healing, and reconciliation in our community. With many assets in our community focusing on physical and spiritual needs, we hope to address the gaps in psycho-social support for those who have experienced traumatic situations.

We work to create safe spaces of creative expression using alternative processing methods such as art, movement and music. We also provide psycho-social educational opportunities that empower and equip those in vulnerable situations with strategies and tools to encourage psychological health regardless of the situation they find themselves in. We seek to be a resource for a wide range of people groups including those in refugee situations, domestic abuse victims, and victims of sexual exploitation. In addition, we equip those who walk alongside victims in helping relationships with tools to encourage healthy and sustainable trauma-informed care.

Depending on training and background, those serving with us could expect to be involved in the facilitation of group processing experiences, planning and implementing of innovative psycho-social support trainings, identification and evaluation of culturally appropriate and trauma-sensitive curriculums, and close work with trained psycho-social support staff in special needs cases.


Small group facilitation


Mental Health background using art, movement, or music

Initiative in low-routine situations

Experience working through translators

Helpful languages could include Romanian, Bulgarian, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Albanian, Farsi, or Arabic

Placement Details

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