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Physical or Occupational Therapist

Guatemala is a small but diverse country that has overcome many challenges including poverty, civil war and corruption. We serve in a rural area with a mixed population group of Latino and Indigenous people groups who speak Spanish and Mayan K’iche. The climate is hot and dry in the months of January to May and humid and cooler in the rainy season (June-December).

Association Alas has served in the Quiche province of Guatemala for the last 23 years mainly in the areas of Education, Community Development, Special Needs, Physical Therapy and Nutritional assistance focusing on transformation and discipleship as we serve the poorest—including widows, single mothers, children, physically disabled people and the elderly.

We run a nutrition feeding center for widows, single mothers and parents of children with disabilities; a Montessori primary school; a physical therapy clinic and a nursing home for elderly folks and those with a variety of disabilities; and a Bible training program for local pastors.

90% of our team is indigenous leaders, providing Goers with the exciting opportunity to work in a team environment alongside Guatemalan nationals! Come and learn from our amazing staff and contribute to our focus on Kingdom development with an emphasis on service and love to the neglected groups in the immediate rural surrounding areas.

Goers in this position would help serve in our therapy programs. We are looking for Goers that are students or graduates of physical or occupational therapy.


A student or graduate of physical or occupational therapy

Some experience dealing with a wide variety of patients, including patients with strokes, trauma, paraplegia, nerve damage, etc.

Spanish would be very helpful but is not required.

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