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Outreach Through Media Creation

Famously known as the City of Lights, Paris shines all over the world through its global influence, especially in its diversity, culture, history, and art. Unfortunately, it also influences the world through its secularism and post-Christian thought. Of the 12 million people who make up the population of the greater Paris area, only one percent identify themselves as evangelical.

We want to see Paris transformed by the Gospel in EVERY pocket of society: from atheists to Muslims, fashion designers to engineers, and locals to refugees. We have a heart for EVERYONE who makes up this diverse city. We desire for believers to come together in a city-wide movement to transform Paris with the Gospel.

Whether working within refugee ministry, church planting movements, or evangelistic sporting events, God can use IT, administration, or media to make His name known! If you have a heart for the Lord, a desire to see the gospel proclaimed, and skills in IT, media design, short film creation, graphic arts, web design, or marketing you will be a great fit for this role. The Olympics are coming to Paris in 2024 and in a time when the world is looking to our city, this is an opportunity to utilize these skills both before, during and after the Olympics to share the Good News of Christ. 


* Flexibility 
* Desire to learn the French language and culture
* Proficiency in at least one or more of the following:
* IT
* Media design
* Short film creation
* Graphic arts
* Web design
* Marketing
* Administration
* Excellent interpersonal communication and listening skills
* Creative-visionary
* Solid organizational skills
* Collaborative work ethic

Placement Details

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Paris, France
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