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Muslim Ministry Leadership Development

Are you looking for an exciting experience engaging with Muslims in a British setting? Then join us in Birmingham in the United Kingdom as a springboard before launching to other exciting areas in the Muslim world.

As the UK's second largest city, Birmingham has Britain's largest population of Muslim people from the Indian subcontinent and a plethora of other Muslim people groups besides. Yemeni, Somali, Pakistani, Bengali, Iranian and Kurdish people all intermingled in a British social setting makes for exciting opportunities to learn about these amazing cultures while serving them through various ministry projects. With declining numbers in local churches, the challenges of meeting the needs of people in these communities can seem dire. Yet we believe God is doing something in these communities through our partnership with small local churches in majority Muslim neighborhoods.

We as team-leaders and mentors/coaches have more than a decade of experience living on the Arabian Peninsula and another decade of experience working amongst diaspora Muslims in the UK. We not only have a vision to share our lives with Muslims in the city, we're also passionate about sharing life with fellow believers in a loving and nurturing community. Through outreach events, teaching (and learning) opportunities, children's clubs, Bible studies, and sharing in community celebrations and everyday life, we seek to create a Christ-centered community that opens our hearts for God to guide and form us in our lives and ministry.

Goers in this position will spend 6 months in a leadership development program in the UK and then move to a new field in North Africa for the remaining 18 month to use their passions and skills alongside long term teams. Opportunities to serve include business as missions, teaching, youth ministry, and women's ministry in Morocco, Mali, and Djibouti.

This position is a great opportunity for Goers who have a heart to serve in the Muslim world but desire a preparation intensive to grow spiritually, personally, and in ministry experience. Goers will learn, observe, and grow while in Birmingham while also exploring different ministries to find the best fit for the rest of their two years. Our experience indicates that, instead of limiting the Goer's experience, it expands opportunities. Spending a 6-month orientation period with this team before moving to a new location is a valuable first step to ministry.


As a Goer seeking to offer your gifts, talent, and knowledge to reach out with the love of Jesus Christ to the Muslim world, you will need a heart of compassion and respect to for those who have a radically different world view. Listening skills, energy, a positive and humble attitude, and the ability to work well with others are necessary to gain the most from your 6-month orientation opportunity on the UK field. During this time period, you will finalize your placement for 18 months in a North African field where you will continue to invest in God's work with the Muslim population.

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