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Ministry Assistant for Biblical Training Hub

The city of Medellin, Colombia is the second largest city in the country. Medellin is found in the Aburrá Valley, which is a central region of the Andes Mountains. In 2012, Medellin was nominated for Most Innovative City of the Year due to a great advancement in public transportation, with more than 500,000 residents and visitors using its Metro train system each day; and a public bike-share program. The people are very friendly and love every person to feel accepted and welcomed. Spiritually speaking, Catholicism is the most prominent religion in Medellin, a result of Spanish Colonialism. Religion and church are very important to Colombian families and play a significant role in family structure and the local culture.

Our team invites you to be part of equipping the saints for the extension of God's kingdom from Colombia. Can you imagine being part of a transformative movement in leadership formation? Our organization is launching a new strategic initiative to develop Regional Training Hubs to facilitate leadership formation among native leaders. Medellin is a pilot site for the Regional Training Hubs for Latin America. We have developed a catalyzed collaboration among partners to make biblical training accessible to leaders outside the reach of current programs.

We have the opportunity to impact thousand of church leaders who are in remote areas of Latin America connecting them with hundreds of resources already available for them but with no accessibility. We need men and women who would like to participate with us in transforming the lives of many people in Latin America by equipped & healthy leaders who were accompanied and served by the Regional Training Hub for Latin America. This will require a lot of research, systems, tools, conversations, meetings, creating initiatives, visiting our partners, produce videos and promotional tools, etc.

Goers in this position will explore how seminaries, churches, holistic ministries, and missionaries are working together in Medellin to bring Christ-centered transformation. Come to work arm-in-arm with the Church to foster its leaders and bring about God’s redemptive work in the world. Goers will participate hand to hand with the Hub leader and his team to develop, organize, and deliver the needed training among our church partners. The applicant will assist the hub leader directly by creating work systems, communication tools, and implementing management skills in order to accomplish our ministry goals with excellence.


People skills

Team player

Passion for spiritual growth

Communication skills (specifically in writing)

Creativity (designing and ideation)

Experience/training in project management

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