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Information Specialist for Unreached People Group

The Himalayan region is the home of hundreds of Tibetan Buddhist people groups, hardy folk that are able to eke out a living under difficult conditions. Few of these people groups have a significant Christian witness. However, we believe that once the Tibetan people are reached, the other people groups will soon follow! They can have an amazing multiplying impact around the world, including in the Western world, where Buddhism has started to make inroads.

Our team based in the Himalayas has a vision to ignite church planting movements among the Tibetan Buddhist people groups. Our activities include personal evangelism, a house of prayer, a children’s ministry center, video production, language classes, and outreaches to remote areas. Reaching these people groups with the good news of Jesus requires dedication and patience.

A breakthrough in this area will require a few elements: prayer that the Lord will soften the hearts of these peoples; information about the location, numbers, languages, and needs of these peoples; and workers who are prepared to present the gospel patiently and faithfully. There are currently no Christian materials in most of the local languages to evangelize and disciple these people. There are over 200 languages spoken by Tibetan Buddhists in our region.

The Information Specialist will be part of a small team that has the following key tasks:
-Mobilize prayer from around the world for Tibetan Buddhists
-Create and publish Christian materials for the Tibetan Buddhist peoples
-Gather information about the Tibetan Buddhist peoples in such a way as to be readily available to those who are called to serve among them.

Goers in this position will be a part of two main tasks. Firstly, to establish and implement a strategy for storing and presenting the spatial information of the Tibetan Buddhist peoples, including attributes such as their location, numbers, languages, needs, and current ministries that are reaching out to them. This will be in collaboration with other organizations and networks linked to the Tibetan Buddhist peoples. Secondly, to build a web presence and social media strategies for reaching out to Tibetan Buddhist peoples.

The Information Specialist will be based in a beautiful hill station on the edge of the Himalayas. Most of the work will be done in the hill station, but there will be opportunities for personal evangelism and to go out on outreaches into remote areas in the Himalayas.



Basic Internet web hosting

Knowledge of social media

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South Asia
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