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English & Arts Outreach + Disciple Making

The Czech Republic (Czechia) is one of the most atheistic countries in the world, despite a rich Christian heritage. It’s a beautiful and diverse country in the heart of Europe, with a vibrant culture. The easiest way to describe Czechs, is as “hobbits.” They love food, beer, nature, and their privacy. There is, however, openness to foreigners and to Jesus, especially among the young people of the country, which is where our focus lies.

Our vision, is to see a disciple-making movement blaze through the Czech Republic, and into Europe, originating from the youth. We work primarily with the ages 10 - 25, and use teaching English and Arts topics (in English) as a way to meeting young people, and build relationships so that we can share Jesus with them using tools like Discovery Bible Studies, and Simple Church. We are already seeing God raise up young people who are ready to reach their own communities through a few local churches, and from “the harvest”.

Goers in this position would work in two capacities: 1. Partnership with a local church, in a small town near our main base. This position would include teaching English at local high-school(s), discipling young people (primarily 12-18), and helping those young people to reach out to their community using Discovery Bible Studies, and other tools. This will also include some outreach using arts/activity based classes in English 2. Working with our main base to reach out to the local community using arts activities/classes, depending on your specific gifts/talents, as well as putting on special events in our main city, and elsewhere as we collaborate.

Our team also works with outcasts, the marginalized, and those often neglected by the church. We seek to empower neglected demographics by providing support and community, while hosting trainings and providing materials to impact Christian practice and perception. Right now, our primary work is with LGBTQ+ individuals including those who follow Jesus, and those who haven't met Him yet. If you are passionate about entering the stories of those in the LGBTQ+ community who often are excluded by church communities and walk alongside them as they discover who Jesus is and how great His love is for them, this team could be a good fit for you.


-Enjoyment working with teens and young adults and kids.
-Willingness/ability to teach (mostly conversation classes based on games and activities)
-Leadership of small groups
-Competence in at least one artistic discipline (eg. dance, theater, film, creative writing, fine arts, etc)
-Willingness to be independent, but also to work on a team. Because you’ll be living on your own in a different city, communication with the main base will be key.
-Both Flexibility and Consistency.

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