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Disciple-Maker & Short Term Coordinator

The Dominican Republic (DR) is located on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean. Santo Domingo is the capital city of the DR, with a population of roughly 3.5 million. As the name of both the country and the city implies, Dominicanos are historically Roman Catholic. Today Catholicism is “What grandma believes,” and society is dominantly secular, a blend of agnostic and atheist, with little time or interest in church or spiritual things.

Our Santo Domingo City Team is partnering with a network of over three dozen house churches across the city, called Red Bendición (RB - Blessing Network). RB has invited the team to help disciple university students in the network and equip them to reach their universities with the Gospel of Jesus. Universities in Santo Domingo are as secular and antagonistic to Christian faith as any university in the U.S. Our goal as we support RB students in their faith is to provide pathways to deeper faith, Biblical worldview, and intellectual confidence in following Jesus, with the goal of equipping them and helping them reach their peers at their respective universities.

DR is close and inexpensive to get to from the U.S. and isn’t many time zones away; for those reasons we are a favored destination for short-term mission (STM) teams coming from American churches. To be honest, we could drown in short-term teams! A dedicated staff member or couple to manage the many teams will enhance the experience and effectiveness for short-termers, for the Dominicanos receiving the teams, and for the Santo Domingo team itself.

The STM coordinator would manage the STM teams coming to serve alongside the Santo Domingo Team. In addition to ministry to Dominicanos, you’ll have opportunities to serve and mentor high school and university students, along with adult teams in what could arguably be one of the most significant and influential experiences of their lives. It wouldn’t be surprising if you received some good mentoring from some of the older team members, as well. During less busy seasons between STM teams, you would join the other Santo Domingo Team members in discipling and mentoring Dominicano university students.


Administrative gifting and training

Able to plan well in advance

Organized and able to keep many plates spinning

Ability to manage logistics: housing, meals, transportation, etc.

Good communication skills

Able to work well and coordinate with other people

Flexibility working in another culture

Placement Details

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Dominican Republic
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