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Creative Arts Coordinator

Just a short drive from the city of Stara Zagora and the Balkan Mountains in central Bulgaria, you will find the village of Tulovo. Made up of about 1,300 people, the population is evenly split between ethnic Bulgarians and Roma peoples.

Bulgarians are people of faith, with about 85% of the population claiming Eastern Orthodoxy as their religion. However, a majority of these are nominal adherents, rarely stepping inside the church. Protestants, on the other hand, make up just over one percent of the population. The need is great for people to show a practical faith in Jesus Christ, then invite others to follow Him.

We seek to raise up mature Christ-followers, both Roma and ethnic Bulgarian, who recognize and step into their God-given calling to influence and transform Tulovo. Our greatest dream is to see growing understanding, and ultimately reconciliation, between the estranged Roma and ethnic Bulgarian population.

Beginning in January of 2023 God inspired several local young people to create a worship team. This ministry continues to develop, with other youth joining. God is inspiring new songs and a desire to record them for the greater national community.

We are seeking a passionate Goer with multidisciplinary experience in the arts, to support and coordinate this growing arts community. This person should delight in many forms of art, but particularly music, drawing, and painting. Dance is also an art that brings the community together and a central part of Roma and Bulgarian culture. If you are looking for a way to use your passion for the creative arts to bring transformational beauty to a community while expressing God’s creativity, this could be a great role for you!


An ability to teach music lessons on two or more instruments is desirable

Passion for inspiring young artists toward practical application of their talents

Skills in coordinating collaborative artistic efforts

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