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Community Engagement Worker

Santiago is located in the region of Galicia, the home of a distinct people, language, and geography that come together to create a unique culture. Santiago is the seat of the regional government, the home to an influential university, and a significant incubator of arts and culture.

For centuries, Santiago has been the destination of people walking the Camino de Santiago searching for answers, connection, and hope. Our work is Integrated Community Transformation in the heart of Santiago. We long to experience the Kingdom of God in our everyday lives, on earth as it is in heaven. We do this by joining others in their work and investing in what God has already created them to do so they can share it with others. We engage in community development alongside our local non-profit where we seek to love our neighbor through mental, physical, and spiritual means. We are sustainably integrating business with community impact so that the body of Christ can live out the way of Jesus alongside others.

This community development opportunity is for you to be an integral part of the history and present culture of the expressions of the church and its emerging forms in hope of seeing movements of reconciliation and renewal among the people of Santiago. Through your work, you will have the space to explore the purpose for which you are here in this moment of history, how you can celebrate the culture you are in, and begin to discover your place in God’s kingdom.

The Community Engagement Worker is a bridge-builder, communicator, and advocate who helps strengthen our organization's reputation, impact, and collaboration within the community by fostering positive relationships and meaningful connections between our organization and the community we are in.


Key Responsibilities:

- Stakeholder Relationship Building:

- Develop and maintain strong relationships with community members, local organizations, government entities, and other stakeholders to understand their needs, concerns, and aspirations.

- Ensure community feedback is considered in decision-making processes to identify opportunities for collaboration.

- Identify and cultivate partnerships with local organizations, businesses, and institutions to enhance the impact and reach of our community engagement efforts.

- Collaborate with partners to co-create initiatives that address community needs and achieve shared goals.


- Plan and execute effective communication strategies to inform and engage the community about our organization's mission, goals, and initiatives.

- Utilize various communication channels, including social media, newsletters, town hall meetings, and community events, to keep community members informed and involved.

- Serve as an advocate for the organization, promoting its values, impact, and initiatives within the community and beyond.

Feedback Collection and Analysis:

- Design and administer surveys, focus groups, and other feedback mechanisms to gather insights from community members.

- Analyze collected data to identify trends, concerns, and opportunities for improvement, and present findings to relevant teams.

Diversity and Inclusion:

- Champion diversity and inclusion efforts by ensuring that all community members have equitable access to our programs and initiatives.

- Promote a welcoming and inclusive environment that respects the diverse perspectives and cultures within the community.


- Bachelor's degree in Community Development, Communication, Public Relations, Sociology, Social Work, Social Entrepreneurship, or a related field is preferred but not required.

- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to connect with diverse audiences.

- Strong project management skills.

- Proficiency in using digital and social media platforms for community outreach.

- Analytical mindset and ability to gather and interpret data for actionable insights.

- Knowledge of local community dynamics, issues, and cultural sensitivities.

- Passion for building relationships, fostering collaboration, and making a positive impact on communities.

- Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

- Have or complete B2 Level Spanish

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