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Business Startup Intern

Being that we are located in one of the most unreached places in the world, with a burgeoning population and a curious and growing youth population, workers are needed among the youth of our city. Building business ideas is a way to solve a lot of the issues in our society. We are looking for someone with a relational heart, a flexible attitude and strong work ethic, and desire to serve in exciting and new situations.

A small group of families are looking for teammates to pioneer new creative business opportunities in an urban South Asian setting. We have the cultural know-how and are looking for more teammates to help execute new ideas that can have an impact on people’s lives. We are looking for a visionary entrepreneur, willing to try and execute different projects. We have a million ideas, but need help executing them.

We are also open to coaching and helping those who have their own ideas and want to experiment launching into new areas.
A few ideas are:
-English speaking coaching center
-selling products/services for women and children
-personal training or fitness
-anything coffee or food related
-health and wellness products or services
-courses of various media skills, teaching skills which will help locals get a job
-small manufacturing
-art dealer or exporter
-ecommerce, social media, online marketing, etc.

Full disclosure- We live in an uncertain environment, and someone has to be willing to try different things, even FAIL, without getting easily discouraged. We live in an incredible place, but flexibility and resilience are MUST haves if someone wants to serve in this context.

*We strongly encourage ethnic minorities and people from multicultural backgrounds to apply for this role.*


Entrepreneurial spirit, flexible attitude, perseverance.
A commitment to learning a new language.
A combination of a team player and independent attitude.
-Entrepreneurial spirit, flexible attitude, perseverance.
-A commitment to learning a new language and culture.
-A humble attitude of respect for different cultures.
-A combination of a team player and self-starting/independent attitude.

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