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Apprenticeship in Student Ministry

The context in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) represents significant need and opportunity. Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) are one of the only unreached peoples in Europe, and Bosnia is often overlooked. Additionally, there are very few workers serving among Bosnian Croats and Serbs, the other ethnic groups in BiH, and there is great need among those groups as well. Many of the dynamics that led to the tragic war of the 1990s are still in place: ethnic tension, political dysfunction, and economic difficulties.

Reaching Bosnian college students with the Gospel presents a huge opportunity to transform individual lives and the entire country. Goers who join this team in Bosnia and Herzegovina will work with a Bosnian Christian Student Movement in a primarily evangelistic role. Through living in the dorms, building relationships, teaching English classes and hosting other events, Goers will invite local Bosnian students to investigate Jesus and to invite them into relationship with Him. Most students have never met a true follower of Jesus, so this is an amazing opportunity for witness. This role is a unique and transformative experience to do life and ministry in community. Goers will be part of reaching an unreached people group and be developed in evangelism, cross cultural skills, leadership and spiritual formation while being mentored in discernment of their long term call.


Significant experience in evangelism and risk-taking, an ability to take initiative and structure one’s own time. Some previous experience in ministry is strongly recommended (ie, youth group leader, Bible study leader, etc.)

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