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Neika - Uganda Updates

Class of 2023
Youth Activities Director in Uganda
Track: Youth Development track
Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan
Growing up in the Bible Belt, I assumed everybody had heard the name Jesus. It wasn't until my father took me on my first mission trip that I understood I was blessed to know His name and call him Lord. Since then, I have sought ways to share Jesus with others. With some twists and turns, running and hiding, God made it clear that He wanted me to trust Him by going to another continent to speak His name. I am elated to be joining United World Mission in Africa, reaching young Girls for the Lord.
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By on Track: Youth Development Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

There comes a time in every person's story when they are facing an impending change, altercation, or decision. In these moments, one of two things tends to happen: (1) there is an overwhelming fear of inadequacy, or (2) they are filled with a robust sense of pride in their ability. Being a Christian does not exclude us from feeling these two opposing mindsets but provides us the opportunity to take it captive. It is not an if but a when that a sense of fear, bravado, or insufficiency will hit every Goer whether it is at GoWeek, within the throws of Fundraising, or after arriving at one's… Read more >>

Writing Your Story?

By on Track: Youth Development Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

Stories; we all love them. You have the romantics, the adventurers, the learners, the misunderstood, etc. Even the most analytical of people enjoy stories of fact, logic, and data. For myself, I can not express how many times I've been aboard a pirate ship, a part of a wagon train, or training to fight in an intergalactic army. In the midst of being swept up in this, however, we often return to reality dissatisfied with our own story. Iconic lines found in books, music, and films alike have protagonist wanting to 'write their story' or 'choose their fate.' As with most people, there was a… Read more >>

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