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Lauryn - Papua New Guinea Updates

Class of 2023
Nurse on Board Traveling Medical Ship in Papua New Guinea
Track: Medical track
Region: Asia - South East

How Did I Know?

By on Track: Medical Region: Asia - South East

    One of the most common questions I asked God is, "What do you want me to do with my life?" or "What is Your will?" I always thought there would be some big out-of-the-sky answer like a huge Revelation. I knew there were some things I really liked to do but I didn't want to do something that I just wanted, but I really wanted it to be His will. I want to preface, since I was a kid I have always wanted to be a missionary, so I have thought about this many many times I just wasn't sure if this is what God wanted for my life. I heard a pastor talk about trying the Lord's will, meaning the… Read more >>

Thanksgiving in July

By on Track: Medical Region: Asia - South East

   I am currently two months into fundraising and wow have I learned a LOT. The biggest lesson and blessing has been the spirit of thankfulness the LORD has created. We know the LORD provides, all money and resources belong to Him. However, when your whole salary is given to by others it changes your view even more of money and resources. For example, we thank Him for the food that He has given us before a meal but imagine buying a meal overseas with supporter money. The LORD's gift of food is so much more apparent due to their full reliance on him for financial needs. Someone else is buying… Read more >>

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