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Lauryn - Papua New Guinea Updates

Class of 2023
Nurse on Board Traveling Medical Ship in Papua New Guinea
Track: Medical track
Region: Asia - South East

Living Water

By on Track: Medical Region: Asia - South East

      After this outreach I was thinking of how much I needed to rest and yet knowing all that needed to be done. I then came down with the stomach bug and spent three days in bed and I can truly day it was the most healing week. No sickness is ever a victory of the enemy or a slip in the Father’s plan, it’s apart of it. The past two times O have gotten sick during these eight months of being away from home has always been an act of love from the Father. He knew my need to talk with Him and just be held as I weeped. Crying over fear, unmet expectations, and the ache of longing… Read more >>

Talking Story

By on Track: Medical Region: Asia - South East

 In YWAM and PNG they have a term called Talk Story. This simply means let's sit down and tell each other about our lives without worrying about time or the to-do list. Just sit and be with me. So I am going to sit and talk story about two of the villages we went to on our last outreach.        There was a mother I was taking care of with two small children after receiving care they went over to our prayer station. One of our DTS leaders got to pray over her and as I looked over I saw the woman crying. Later the leader shared with us how the LORD had told her to pray… Read more >>

Sweet Whispers from Above

By on Track: Medical Region: Asia - South East

           As we were in this last village God brought some sweet moments with some mommas and their pikaninis (kids). Reminding me that this job can also be a lot of fun. Seeing a moma with an autistic son and knowing she has no resources. Yet, she knows how to care for him and how to do it well because Jehovah Jireh has given her Himself and the motherly instincts she needs. Sitting with this moma I had tears in my eyes because the Creator of the Universe never forgot about her. A woman in a village around 2 hours from town. Who had a son the LORD cared for as… Read more >>

Window Dressing

By on Track: Medical Region: Asia - South East

  Sometimes you have to go see the world to know there is nothing new under the sun and everything you were looking for was at home in the same small town you grew up in. With the friends who never left and the family you can now truly appreciate. The rest is just window dressing. But I’m thankful I did. I am now more content with the simplest of things like having people to love and drinking clean water out of my hose. To walk alone in a grocery store and drive my own car through a fast food line. To have access to my family at all times, not searching different places on a hill just… Read more >>

Joy within trial

By on Track: Medical Region: Asia - South East

   I have been in training for the last two and a half months. This week is our last week before heading to the mission field for the next year and a half. Last week I ended up getting quite sick which became the biggest blessing. I've been struggling since saying yes to this and most especially these last six months. So, for the first time in a long time, I had to sit in my bed and just rest. The LORD met me here in such a unique way. You see I have been carrying so much in hopes that the LORD would magically heal me. But this past week for the first time I understood Paul when he… Read more >>

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