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Fiona - Middle East Updates

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Class of 2023
Small Business Training - Middle East Church Planting Team in Middle East
Track: Business track
Region: Middle East

Letting go of expectations

By on Track: Business Region: Middle East

So much of my prefield training and the advice I received before arriving was, "Know your expectations," because they WILL NOT all be met. In fact, maybe none of them will be met.  I don't know what I expected, but coming to a region 10 days after the start of a war was not something I expected. I didn't expect for the country to declare a period of mourning the day after I arrived. I didn't expect for my 2 language classmates to be pulled out of the country after 1 week, leaving me in alone in class.I didn't expect to live with a couple on my team for 2 months while trying to find me… Read more >>

How I decided to go

By on Track: Business Region: Middle East

I've always desired adventure, excitement, change, grandiosity. Early on, I told myself, "I don't ever want to look back and say I didn't do something solely out of fear." One of my biggest fears is looking back on everything at the end of my life and feeling like I settled, saught comfortability, hid in fear. So 2 years before graduating college, I started questioning what I wanted to do. I studied psychology and business and felt like all the career paths my peers were taking didn't appeal to me. I thought, "Am I suppose to want this? Do I just have to pick a job and hope it's bearable… Read more >>

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