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Eden - Papua New Guinea Updates

Class of 2023
Nurse on Board Traveling Medical Ship in Papua New Guinea
Track: Medical track
Region: Asia - South East
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Teach us... to number our days?

By on Track: Medical Region: Asia - South East

“If you knew you only had one month left to live, how would you spend it?”Through my devotionals recently, I was asked to consider a similar question. The concept threw me a bit off guard at first. Who would ever want to think about their time being limited? But when I thought through it and examined scripture, I began to realize the value of “numbering our days.” If you only had one month left, what would you change about your life? How would you spend your time? Would your priorities be different? While—Lord-willing—we all have a whole lot longer than one month to live, it was very timely… Read more >>

The Journey to Saying Yes : Part 2

By on Track: Medical Region: Asia - South East

Sometimes a single word is all takes.It was in college that I knew the Lord was calling me to medical missions. He had placed mission work on my heart when I was very young, but as I got older I became very concerned with security—money, comfort, and a stable career. It was a long—and still ongoing—process, but the Lord changed my heart. I learned that he is the only One in whom I can truly place my trust. I discovered that worldly security is false security—true security is found in trusting God alone.Throughout college, I committed to a couple different mission trips, hoping that God would… Read more >>

The Journey to Saying Yes : Part 1

By on Track: Medical Region: Asia - South East

It’s crazy to think that a single word can change the course of your life.Growing up, I struggled with the idea of trust. I learned from a young age that people aren’t always able to keep their promises, so I became independent because I didn’t want to have to rely on anyone. Unfortunately, that natural tendency negatively affected my faith. Even though I committed my life to Christ through baptism at the age of 10, it wasn’t until high school that the Lord began to show me what it truly means to surrender. My junior year of high school, the Lord confirmed that he was calling me to become a… Read more >>

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