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A.J. - Bosnia and Herzegovina Updates

Class of 2023
Apprentice in Student Ministry in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Track: University Outreach track
Region: Europe
Hi ya'll I am currently preparing to serve in Bosnia and Herzegovina! While there, I will partner with a local college ministry to teach English and foster conversations about the gospel.

Buy the Lightbulb

By on Track: University Outreach Region: Europe

After being in-country for three months, I bought a replacement lightbulb for the horribly blue lightbulb in my living room. I put off buying a lightbulb for insufficient reasons. "Ahh, I should save money, plus the lightbulb does work; it's just an atrocious color, and I would rather sit in the dark than have it on," I said to myself for weeks. However, this week after a breakdown about how hard life was here, I realized that there are many things within my power to make life bearable here.  For instance, it sometimes makes a huge difference to buy the lightbulb. Go to the store, brave… Read more >>

Returning from GoWeek

By on Track: University Outreach Region: Europe

Hey there, I am on a flight back to Washington State, I ordered a hummus snack pack because our flight was delayed, and I will miss dinner! I guess it’s good practice for the loads of travel I’ll be doing next year! I am leaving Minnesota, where I just completed GoWeek! WHOO! GoWeek is where Goers gather with our sending cohort to learn how to build our ministry support team! While I am an introvert and was admittedly hesitant about meeting new people and spending a week in a cabin, I am happy to report I had SO MUCH FUN! It was so encouraging to meet other Goers who are in the same season of… Read more >>

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