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A Chicken & A Turkey

Posted on Friday, June 26, 2020

Hey friends!

You know how you go into a store thinking you're going to buy only one thing, but then come out of the store with more than you expected? That's kinda what happened to me and my Rohingya friend. My friend had several chickens in her backyard and wanted to buy some feed for them. I agreed to drive her to a store and didn't think much of it. However when we went into the store and looked around, my friend noticed that she could get another chicken and big turkey for cheaper than normal! So she excitedly pointed to both of them telling the store clerk, "I want to buy these." Meanwhile, I was thinking to myself, "How in the world am I gonna get a chicken and turkey into my car?!" Luckily, I learned quickly that the store provided netted bags and a box to keep the birds more contained than I thought. Haha! As we were driving, my friend was worried my car would get dirty. I assured her it was totally fine, and that now I get to tell people I drove a chicken and turkey in my car! :)

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