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Is it worth it? Yes.

Posted on Saturday, August 25, 2018

Hi, friends!

            I’ve been slowly reading through a book series called The Wingfeather Saga, which is a good ole fantasy, adventure story. In the second book of the series, there is profound quote that constantly comes to my mind as I think more about the transition to Phoenix and full-time ministry these next two years. The context of the quote is a prime character named Janner is reflecting about the adventure he’s been thrown into and how the journey has already impacted him so much.  The journey has stretched and challenged him to the point where he realizes he and his family will never go back to the old life they lived. It’s at this moment Janner makes a significant decision as he thinks about the road that lies ahead of him.

“[Janner] knew enough to realize that the way before him would be hard. Is it worth it? He asked himself. Was it worth losing his old life in order to learn the truth of who he was and who he was becoming? Yes.”

            I love this quote because I sometimes find myself in the place that Janner is at. I think about how the journey to get to Phoenix has already stretched and grown me in so many ways, and I know that once I’m in Phoenix I will very likely continue to be challenged to step out of my comfort zone even more. Sometimes that’s scary to think about. However, Jesus is always graciously reminding me that it’s always worth leaving my comfort zone to follow Him because it opens the opportunity to learn the truth of who God is and who He is shaping me to be. In the moments when we wonder if following God is worth it, I pray all of us can say, “yes,” to Jesus, courageously follow where He leads, and be amazed at the truths He teaches us on the journey.

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