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Dora - United States Updates

Class of 2018
Refugee & Unreached People Group Ministry Resident in United States
Track: Ministry track
Region: United States

Seek, Reach, and Find

By on Track: Ministry Region: United States

Hi, friends!  My name is Dora Mahoe. I am twenty-three years old and from Kauai, Hawaii. My placement with GoCorps is with United World Mission, and I will be doing refugee ministry in Phoenix, Arizona. I first became passionate about refugee ministry during a study abroad program in Brisbane, Australia. In one of my classes, we discussed Australia’s refugee issue, and that motivated me to further study the refugee issue for my senior paper. While I was researching for my paper I came across Acts 17:26-27, which states, “From one man [God] made all the nations, that they should inhabit the… Read more >>

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