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Dora - United States Updates

Class of 2018
Refugee & Unreached People Group Ministry Resident in United States
Track: Ministry track
Region: United States

The Beginning of Ramadan

By on Track: Ministry Region: United States

Hi friends, Hope you're continuing to do well and hanging in there as we all continue to navigate this very interesting time.Today marks the beginning of Ramadan when our Muslim friends pray and fast for one month. During Ramadan, our friends often seek God more fervently than any other time of the year. Please join me in praying for my Muslim friends and Muslims worldwide. Ask God to show Himself supernaturally to them and that they would find Jesus and experience His transforming power in their lives. There are two prayer guides I'd recommend checking out if you'd like to pray for Muslims… Read more >>

A Different Kind of Month

By on Track: Ministry Region: United States

Hey friends, Hope you and your family are staying healthy, safe, and in good spirits. March has been a very long month for everyone, and we've had to adjust in so many different ways as COVID-19 impacts our communities. Things definitely slowed down for GoTEN staff and our ministries when the news of COVID-19 escalated at the beginning of this month. On March 17, we decided to stop all of our English classes since all schools in Arizona closed that same week. Since then, we've been laying low in our homes, but also keeping an eye on our refugee friends and seeing when any needs come up.… Read more >>

Family Across An Ocean

By on Track: Ministry Region: United States

Hey Friends! For the last two weeks of Febuary I traveled to Malyasia with two of my teammates to attend a minstry network conference. When we weren't at the conference, something really special we got to do was visit some of our Rohingya friends' families who lived in Malaysia. During one visit we met three of our friend's brothers with their wives and children. The family was super hospitable and cooked us a big meal. As we were eating, I couldn't help but be amazed at how our friendship with our Rohingya friend in Phoenix connected us with her family all the way in Malaysia and gave us an… Read more >>

Uniquely Beautiful

By on Track: Ministry Region: United States

Hey Friends, This month we had a women's group in the English class and did a fun painting session together. We all painted a very Arizona-style scenic picture of a sunset and silhouette cacti. It was fun to see how each woman's style and creativity shined in their painting. Although we were painting the same thing, all of the paintings had their own unique beauty, and we could appreciate each of them when we saw them all together. This was a great reflection of our group. We were all women who each had our own unique beauty through our different cultures, stories, and personalities. When we… Read more >>

Celebrating What God Has Done

By on Track: Ministry Region: United States

Hey friends, As 2019 is coming to a close, something my teammates and I did is we compiled a list of things we are thanking God for in this year of ministry. It’s really cool to look back on the year and celebrate what God has done in our team and community. Here are just a few of the things we’re celebrating: Having 5 full English classes that meet twice a week in the Life Skills Center Hosting two English trips to the Grand Canyon Together as a team, we’ve done 627 home visits and have spent about 1,254 hours this year in refugee homes 9 of our English students became U.S. citizens 5… Read more >>

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