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The Unlikely Power of the Spirit

Posted on Thursday, October 19, 2017

God promised to give us a Helper, his Spirit, that would guide us, give us words to speak, and help us be apart of building His Kingdom. We constantly read that we’re to walk in the power of the Spirit, but what does this even look like? The more I’m praying for it, the more I’m seeing it, but I’m finding it realized in ways I least expected.

                When I think of walking in the Spirit, I honestly imagine leaving my house in the morning with my heart on fire, my face glowing, and feeling an emotional boost that would leave any youth camp spiritual high in the dust. But, I’m finding that’s not the case.

             In fact, God’s Spirit is most evident during the times I’m convinced I’m most inadequate. He shows up at the times I’m just not about it, so that when he does do something cool, he gets the credit, not me. Here’s an example:

                Last month, I was on the way to Arabic class…at 8am. I’m a morning person. I love Arabic. I don’t love the combination of the two, at 8am, on a hot and crowded metro during rush hour.

                It’s no surprise then that I was generally not about it this morning. So when I tapped the Arab in front of me to let him know I was getting off at the next stop, I was not amused when he looked confused, didn’t know how to answer my culturally appropriate way of saying ‘move, I’m getting off now’, and when he resorted to bad English “Where-from you?” I just shrugged and walked right by as the doors opened.

                I immediately felt something nudge me on the inside. Something kind of saying, “David, he’s obviously not from here…and that was rude.” As I walked up the steps, I looked to my right and there he was again. Fine. I said hello and asked where he was from. He was from Yemen, ‘ironically’ I happen to work with Yemeni refugees a lot. We exchanged numbers and promised to meet. I wasn’t necessarily elated, but it happened.

                A couple days later we met for lunch. His accent was thick, and I had a lot of trouble understanding him. But we got to talk and get to know each other. Turns out he was a smart dude, came to Egypt to escape the war in his home country, and when I mentioned I was a Christian, his face let up!

               “What does it mean to be a Christian?” He asked. Wow, just like that, that easy? I got to openly share with him what we believe, who our Shepherd is, and answer is questions. We met again, and I gave him a copy of the Book. I have yet to see someone so excited to receive one. He was practically jumping, “Wow David. What do I say, this is the most beautiful present! I’ve been looking everywhere for one!” Where just some of the things I could make out from his elation.

                I was left grinning, a little ashamed, and praising God. God used a morning I was disengaged and grumpy to meet a guy I could barely communicate with and put words of life into hungry hands. The best part, I can take ZERO credit. Language is one of my stronger points, but even that wasn’t in my favor with this case. It was a hundred present God and his Spirit working. No flashing lights, no emotional high or radiating face, but who else can I chalk it up to? Certainly not me! Amen!

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