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Alexander - Middle East Updates

Class of 2015
Language Acquisition Curriculum Development in Middle East
Track: Languages - Linguistics track
Region: Middle East
Hey there, I go by the name Alexander!

Where to start? I like all things hot and caffeinated, long runs calm me down, and rainy days excite me. Give me a new book and I'll read it, or a new sport and I'll play it! Foreign languages are my love language, but if you don't know one of those we can settle for talking about Lord of the Rings. In all reality Im just a Jesus loving, nerdy linguist with highly social introverted tendencies. In the words of young Carl Fredricksen from Pixar's "Up", "Adventure is out there!", let's go find it.

GoWeek to WentWeek

By on Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Middle East

I started GoWeek expecting to be taught how I was going to grind through a summer of burdensome support raising. Instead, my eyes were opened to the opportunity and ministry I have before me for the next 100 days as I intentionally pursue my community in mobilizing them to reach Muslims in the Middle East. In addition to realizing that this week, for the first time in my life I was surrounded by people equally as passionate and adventurous when it comes it going to the nations with the gospel. A group of 20 missionaries that clicked so fast it was almost unsettling, but, at the same time it… Read more >>

Nervous but Excited

By on Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Middle East

(If that title immediately takes you to an SNL skit featuring Zach Efron, that's ok.) Have you ever been so excited that you didn't know what to do with your hands? Yea, I'm there! Have you ever been so nervous that your feet felt like they were stuck in the mud, and to just take one more step forward would require all your remaining effort just to end up possibly face planting? Yea, I'm there too. When approaching the future filled with support raising and going, in one moment Im a runner in the starting blocks, and the next moment my knees are too wobbly to even walk. But the important fact… Read more >>

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