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Alexander - Middle East Updates

Class of 2015
Language Acquisition Curriculum Development in Middle East
Track: Languages - Linguistics track
Region: Middle East
Hey there, I go by the name Alexander!

Where to start? I like all things hot and caffeinated, long runs calm me down, and rainy days excite me. Give me a new book and I'll read it, or a new sport and I'll play it! Foreign languages are my love language, but if you don't know one of those we can settle for talking about Lord of the Rings. In all reality Im just a Jesus loving, nerdy linguist with highly social introverted tendencies. In the words of young Carl Fredricksen from Pixar's "Up", "Adventure is out there!", let's go find it.

Foreigner and the Fast: How to Survive

By on Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Middle East

One time I saw a meme for Ramadan that read “Happy Hunger Games” featuring that heavily make up’d lady from the Hungar Games movies. It made me laugh, and seeing how my muslim friends were the ones passing it around, I imagine they got a good chuckle out of it too. In the grand scheme of things, however, the fasting month of Ramadan is pretty serious business for a lot of my muslim friends. They’re serious about their gifts, their seeking after God as they fast, and, of course, their fitaar, the meal they break their fast with everyday once the sun goes down!      … Read more >>

Captain Crazy

By on Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Middle East

“Oh yea, Xander, by the way a guy from the port authority came by the institute today. The Captain wants you Tuck arrested because he said you didn’t pay him.” Larry, a fellow worker who was housing us, said this over a light afternoon lunch as if he was just reading an interesting headline in the sports section of the newspaper. “Huh…” was all I could manage to vocalize in perplexity. “No, Xander, this is serious.” Larry clearly wasn’t impressed that my reaction reflected the same nonchalant manner in which he delivered the news. “Well, I guess I’ll go pray.” I replied, carefully weighing an… Read more >>

The Cliche of S and A

By on Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Middle East

I hate the fact that people rag on clichés. Maybe it’s the hipsteresque vibes reverberating throughout our culture that scares us from liking anything likeable, but the truth is clichés are cool. Want to know why they’re cool? Because they’re usually at least a little bit true! If that wasn’t the case, then no one would have said them in the first place, and they never would have become cliché!                 Why do I say all this? Because ‘God works in mysterious ways’, that’s a cliché, and it’s true! Few things… Read more >>

What do I Say to My Friends?

By on Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Middle East

What do I say to My Friends?             What am I supposed to say to my friends in this country? Our apartment is pretty international right now. The four of us living there come from 3 different countries, two of us are refugees, and all of us are foreigners. The home countries of my two refugee roommates were on Donald Trump’s recent list of countries whose immigration status to America was put on hold. On top of that, last night 10 women and children were killed in an American-backed attack against terr-rists not far from my roommate’… Read more >>

Tidings they Bring

Featured story By on Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Middle East

I remember when I first started to develop expectations of what I wanted to do overseas; one of the first generic ideas to develop was hosting a party where most of the guests were majority people. This Christmas, this goal was realized! It started by running the idea past one of my majority friends who I’ve grown quite close to here. I was reminiscing about how good Christmas time is in the states, how me and my Dad always watch Charlie Brown Christmas together, and how there’s usually desserts out the wazoo (I searched, there is no direct translation of ‘wazoo’ into Arabic). My friend was… Read more >>

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