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A Conversation w/ 3 Collegiate Leaders

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Is it possible to have the best semester of your life, full of spiritual growth and a deepening joy and love of Christ? 

Join our mobilization team and two guest presenters for a conversation and Q&A about how to make the most of the most unique semester on college campuses in our lifetimes!  Sure, there are some significant challenges and things that we are all missing out on because of COVID, but this is a time that we will always remember.  Decades from now, our kids are going to ask us 'So, what did you do during the COVID pandemic?  What was college like?  How did the pandemic affect you?'  What if you could respond with 'Guess what?  That was one of the times that I grew and deepened in my faith as a young adult!  It was amazing.  I wouldn't change it for anything!'

Our panel will share about three truths about God and two specific daily practices that will make all the difference in whether you grow in your love for God and others this semester or whether this semester ends up being a stagnant or dormant time in your faith.  We hope you'll join us!

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