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An all star panel of Alumni Goers!

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So, what does life look like after living and serving overseas for two years?  Is it hard or is it easy to get a job?  Did you get sick or suffer any health problems?  Did you grow in your faith more overseas or after your two years?   Any other questions?  Good!  This is an Ask Me Anything event with a superstar panel of Goers who are now well into their professional lives.  Join this group of alumni for an ATA (Ask THEM Anything!) event!

  • Matthew, 2017 Goer, Engineering track in Central Asia. Now: Engineer
  • Bri, 2017 Goer, Compassion/Justice Track in Middle East. Now: GoCorps staff
  • Heidi, 2016 Goer, University Outreach Track in Europe. Now: Long-term Missions
  • Laura, 2018 Goer, Teaching track in Mexico. Now: Graduate school

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