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Tithe Your Career

A New Way to Look at Your First Years After College

GoCorps helps Christian young adults tithe their time and talents by using their degree in two-year global placements serving with long-term missions teams and projects. Those that tithe their career, we call them Goers, serve in places with limited gospel witness and follow Christ’s example of living incarnationally, ministering as a learner, servant, friend, story-teller and worshiper.
Explore 150+ Ways to Tithe Your Career

Why Tithing Your Career makes sense!


Your Most Mobile Years!

In your early twenties, you are the most flexible you’ll ever be with no mortgage, no kids and no career yet!  Now is best time to travel, explore and push yourself.


Get Job Experience!

A two-year GoCorps placement offers you a way to get practical experience using your degree.  Your global experience will open doors for marketplace, grad school or ministry next steps!


Pay Down Your Loans!

During your two-year placement, your stipend includes your student loan payments AND you’ll receive $5,000 to pay down the your loan principal at the end of your two years.

GoCorps is 100% focused on helping all majors serve in all nations!

We can help you get there!  Since 2009, GoCorps has helped over hundreds of students move overseas as their first step after graduation.  These Goers have shared the gospel through thousands of spiritual conversations, and daily help advance dozens of long-term projects.  Besides making a difference in their local communities, Goers get an opportunity to grow by humbling themselves in a new culture and gain work experience that sets them apart in the global marketplace. 

You don't have to have it all figured out.  It starts with giving God your 'yes.'  Your yes isn't your final commitment, but it's a step of faith that puts global options on the table,  trusting God with your next step!

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Only 7% of the world's population has a college degree... how will you use yours?

Tithing your career isn't about your money, it's about stewarding your time and talents.  If you're a recent grad, God has blessed you with 20+ years of life and learning.  So, tithing your education is two years:  20 years X 10% = 2 years.  Tithing your career means investing the first two years of your career in God's global work.

What does Tithing Your Career actually look like? Watch this video about what happened when Nique and Brian 'gave God their yes.'  Also, you can read these short interviews of Goers and see how tithing their career has changed their life.

Free Download

The Tithe Your Career Guidebook is a free ebook that is super practical and easy to navigate and apply because it’s based on 10 lists on what you need to KNOW, ways to help you GROW, how to actually GO, and what to expect AFTER YOU GO.  The TYC Guidebook is an essential resource for any student who is exploring what it’d look like to integrate their degree with meaningful service overseas after graduation.

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The Movement

The act of tithing your career parallels the act of tithing of our money.  It’s an opportunity for us to show where our trust and treasure lies.  It’s an act of faith.  It’s sacrifice.  It’s an investment.  It’s obedience.  Each of these are God ordained ways of discipling and blessing his children!

Together, we’re building a movement where Christians of all backgrounds see global service and mission as an accessible and attractive first step after graduation.

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