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Stewardship and Giving

Growing Generosity

How can you grow in generosity as it relates to your time, talent and treasure? Below, Joel Malakoff, Certified Financial Planner and friend of GoCorps, and Tamara Wheeler, GoCorps Board Chair, share practical thoughts regarding generosity including how to cultivate generosity in your family, making this a year where you grow in your own generosity and the connection of generosity and creativity.  These conversations offer several practical ideas and tools for growing your generosity, and the spirit and passion of Joel and Tamara will inspire you to action and growth in generosity in your own areas of influence and impact!

Part 1:  Generosity and Stewardship

Acts of generosity, such as giving your time, talent, or resources, and expecting nothing in return, have been proven to be good for our health. Generous individuals are personally more fulfilled, happier, and more peaceful within themselves, as well as more productive.

Part 2:  Values and Goals

How do you choose to give? What inspires your investments of time, talent and treasure? In this next chat on giving, Joel Malakoff, Certified Financial Planner, and Tamara Wheeler GoCorps volunteer Board Chair, share a tool and tips that could help you align what you love and how you give. 


Opportunity for Giving!

GoCorps mobilizes young adults to serve globally for two years, using their degree and living on mission in their first years after college.  These young adults are the most available and most mobile and therefore the most likely people who are able to respond to God's call to go.  Your giving to GoCorps will help to send Goers to serve among the least reached, among those who currently have very little access to hear the gospel.

Our Goers move into the neighborhood and share Christ in their daily lives.  We call this ministry Gospel interactions - words and acts of service and love, planting seeds and cultivating an awareness and understanding of Christ!  An estimated $35 enables one Gospel interaction of a Goer who is living among the unreached.  Learn more in the video below.


GIVE $35 to enable 1 Gospel interaction among the least reached

GIVE $100 to enable 3 Gospel interactions

GIVE $350 to enable 10 Gospel interactions

GIVE $1,000 to enable 30 Gospel interactions

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