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GoCorps Advocates

Being a GoCorps Advocate is an opportunity for Goers and friends of GoCorps to get on the front lines of recruiting and growing awareness of GoCorps opportunities in your current church, your college ministry and anywhere else you have personal connections to get in front of students and young adults and invite them to consider tithing their career by living and serving overseas for two years after graduation!

Steward your story!  As a Goer or Goer alum, you are uniquely able to share your personal story and speak with a certain spiritual authority to connect with students and young adults in a special way.  Being a GoCorps Advocate gives you some structure and encouragement to steward your Goer experience in this way!

Your main commitment as an Advocate is to arrange at least one mobilization event each year.  That’s it!

But wait, it gets better!  Besides the event you organize for yourself, there are several opportunities each year that we are looking for mobilizers who are interested and ready to attend a conference or other event as a rep for GoCorps.  As an Advocate, you’ll be the first on the list of people we invite to help us with these special events.

How it works

1. Sign up!

Fill out this form to get things rolling.  Next you'll have a personal orientation call with a GoCorps mobilizer that will get you up to speed on everything you need to know!

2. Schedule an Event

When you schedule your event, we’ll send you the ‘GoCorps in a Box’ table display and do a final prep phone call.  Don’t worry, the main message that you’ll be sharing in your event is your personal story.  And we’ll help you prep and craft your story, and let you know the basics of how to encourage students to next steps!

3. Debrief and do it again!

Debrief your event with mobilizer club lead.  If you had fun, schedule another one or sign up for a bonus event that we schedule for you!

What you get

  • Special Edition GoCorps Advocate t-shirt!
  • The chance to help send more young adults to experience the life-changing experience of being a Goer!
  • Special Bonus Events:  You get first dibs at repping at national and regional conferences and other events.
  • Opportunities for you to be a connector and influencer for the nations in your church or campus ministry!

A Typical Recruiting Event

The one thing we ask you to do as a GoCorps Advocate is to set up a recruiting event through one of your own connections.  Here's one example of what that looks like:

  1. Talk with your pastor or campus minister and ask them if you can give an announcement in one of the upcoming gatherings, meetings, bible studies or retreats.
  2. Set up an info table on campus, in your church or wherever the meeting is.
  3. Share a 5 minute announcement about GoCorps during a class, info session, or campus ministry gathering
    1. Play one of these three videos.
    2. Share about how GoCorps helps people like you.
    3. Pass out placement lists.
    4. Share your story
    5. Invite people to sign up using the QR code on this page or pass around this page for signups.
  4. Have fun talking with interested students at your info table after the event!

"My hope is that more than 25% of Goers in the years ahead will be mobilized directly by GoCorps Goers and Alum who participate with GoCorps as Advocates in this mobilization club!  We hope you'll be a part of it!"

-  Paul Van Der Werf, Executive Director, GoCorps

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