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GoWeek 2 in Minnesota

By Paul Van Der Werf on

Last week the rest of the Goers from the class of 2023 traveled to Minnesota to spend a week with our staff doing fundraising training, leadership and team development, spiritual formation and hanging out in the beautiful fall weather in Minnesota.

What a great week it was!  GoCorps staff came from Texas, Minneapolis and Michigan, and our sending organization staff came from all over, and together, with the Goers, we had a great week meeting each other and meeting with God!

Here's a quick overview of the Goers from GoWeek 2:


August 2023 Update

By GoCorps Staff on

Summer’s over and classes are beginning! What an exciting time of year as kids and college students return to their campuses for another year. At GoCorps, summer’s a time where there’s a little bit of everything happening. Some staff were fundraising, one was on sabbatical, we did a week training in Chicago, our coaching team tracked with 18 Goers getting ready for GoWeek 2, and the mobilization team dreamed about new recruiting ideas for 2023-2024! And now, the students who are the class of 2024 are all arriving to campus to begin their senior year. So, here we go…


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